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It's about embracing your journey + nurturing your well-being too.

Because thriving pregnancies start with empowered mothers.


Feel radiant and supported on your holistic pregnancy voyage – and embrace the transformative power of motherhood.

I am Alexia

Embark on a holistic journey of motherhood alongside me, where compassionate support, expert guidance, and a nurturing touch intertwine, empowering you to blossom in the art of nurturing life.

Whether you seek to honor your pregnancy, receive coaching to prepare for a physiological birth, or invest in your postpartum well-being, I am here to provide natural, personalized, and heartfelt support. Together, we will navigate this transformative experience with care and dedication.

Perinatal care is the calling of my heart. I am Alexia, a mother of two beautiful fairies aged 5 and 3. Driven by my passion for the perinatal world and natural therapies, I have pursued my dreams by establishing A La Vie. My practice is dedicated to women, their well-being, and the optimal birth of their babies. It is a profound realization and an honor to work with the miracle of life, the magic of childbirth, the infinite strength of women, and the wisdom of nature. As an Ayurveda practitioner, I am also a specialized Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher. I am trained in the De Gasquet Method and certified as a Spinning Babies Parent Educator and Doula. Since 2018, I have been supporting women and couples in their birth plans, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and overall health. I approach my work with a natural and holistic perspective. A woman's life is filled with magical, intense, and delicate periods. Having proper support is invaluable. If you feel the desire to optimize your health and care for yourself naturally during your maternity journey, I would be delighted to be there for you.

Ways we can get started together



A well-rounded and holistic approach, providing you with a rich toolkit of empowering knowledge and practical skills to navigate your birth journey feeling confident and empowered.



Discover my signature  one-on-one prenatal services: ayurvedic prenatal massage, birth preparation, foetal positioning for breech / transverse, prenatal yoga, Spinning Babies ...



I am here to support you on your extraordinary journey through motherhood.  My mission is to empower you to embrace the transformative experience of birth and parenthood with confidence and joy.



Discover my signature  one-on-one postnatal services: ayurvedic postnatal massage with a traditional sudation, postnatal yoga, postpartum ritual, closing of the bones, ...

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