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Feminine Yoga


                 Kokoon is a little univers of well-being and equanimity, dedicated to Pre & Post-natality, Fertility and Feminin Cycles. Conceived with passion and love, I invite Women and Couples for private & collective classes as well as workshops, combining Yoga and Ayurveda, and many more healthy bites. 


I look forward to welcoming you and accompanying you along your journey. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to assist you.

All the best to you,


Private Class

Prenatal  Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Fertility Yoga


Private Yoga classes offer a personalized set of tools, entirely dedicated to answer the very unique needs of Mothers, Future-Mothers or Couples.

Group Classess

Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga classes offer a wonderful moment of relaxation and well-being to you and your baby. A blissful parenthesis in the now to enjoy a pregnancy with equinimity.


Yoga & Pregnancy, Yoga & Birth,

Yoga & Fertility, Yoga & Feminin Cycles 

Yoga prénatal

Workshops are designed to share with you Yoga & Ayurveda Essentials in Fertility, Pregnancy or Birth areas. Workshops are organized in small groups during a morning or an afternoon. 




When trying to conceive, incorporating a Yoga practice will tremendously support you to invite new life into your body. Through specific postures, breathing techniques, mudras, and meditations its prepares your womb & your heart for conception, heals imbalances in the reproductive system, reduces stress, anxiety & guilt, boosts your confidence, revives your libido, awakens your sexual energy, and primes your reproductive system for fertility

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Practicing yoga during pregnancy and post-partum is an unparalleled method of self-care during a time of physical, mental and emotional change. It is an ideal way to nurture your own body & spirit, and by extension, your baby. Yoga is a wonderful tool, with infinite benefits, for the mums and mums-to-be, looking for a natural therapy that they can practice at their pace and according to their needs.


Feminine Cycle

Yoga for women cycle is about starting to practice Yoga for its feminine body. Practicing in a more feminine way means adapting your practice for the different phases in your cycle and the different stages of your life. It helps to live in harmony with & regulate your cycles, connect with & balance your inner feminine, honor your femininity and decrease cycles discomforts

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