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From boosting your fertility, living your pregnancy in harmony & mindfullness, preparing a physiological birth, to regenerating mind & body in post-partum, Kokoon aims at providing you with valuable knowledge and tools to practise the Yoga that is most suitable to you, safely and confidently. Yoga is a wonderful approach, with infinite benefits, for the mums and mums-to-be, that wish to embellish their life through natural therapies. 




  • Reduce stress levels related to fertility treatments

  • Dissolve the negative emotions and the pressure to succeed to conceive a baby

  • Make peace with your body and (re)build your mind-body connection.

  • Help to overcome painful stories and memories

  • Enhance self-confidence and increase the mental strength to keep trying to conceive

  • Stimulate the ovaries and the pelvic region, helping to flush out toxins

  • Stimulate the reproductive system by balancing sexual hormones

  • Stimulate libido


Prenatal Yoga

  • Reduce pregnancy discomfort


  • Maintain and enhance the overall health & physical condition of the mum-to-me


  • Improve body alignments to support an optimal positionning of the foetus in the womb


  • Learn live in the moment and to enjoy pregnancy & birth in with mindfulness


  • Manage emotion through the breath

  • Mentally prepare to the challenges of the birth


  • Prepare its body for a physiological and natural birth 


  • Acquire tools to deal with labor pains

  • Enhance and nurture your connection with your body and your instincts


Postnatal Yoga

  • Regenerate and nurture your mind & body after birth


  • Gently tone-up your body in harmony with post-partum physiologic needs


  • Reduce and manage postnatal discomforts related to the baby's birth and breastfeeding

  • Manage emotion through the breath​​


  • Boost self-confidence to trust its instincts and assume its parenting choices

  • Helps rebalancing your hormonal system

  • Reduce the stress of new motherhood and brings calmness

  • Reduce the feelings of exhaustion and gives your energy resources

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