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Whether your are just beginning to think of having a baby or you have already tried everything to conceive your desired baby, Ayurveda is a gentle, natural and effective therapy that could support you in your conception journey. Ayurveda offers many resources to optimize fertility by nourishing and regenerating the sexual tissues of your body. Ayurveda will, for example, make it possible to regulate menstruation, increase libido and stimulate sex hormones, reduce stress, and also to accompany you during a medically-assisted conception... A diet, a daily routine, a lifestyle adapted treatments can be recommended, as well as massages and other Ayurvedic treatments.

Boostez votre fertilité

Découvrez les protocoles ayurvédiques, doux et naturels, pour améliorer votre fertilité et mettre toutes les chances de votre côté de porter la vie. 



An Ayurvedic consultation allows to address a health problem or a health prevention objective according to a personalized and holistic therapeutic approach. 



The first part of the ayurvedic consultation will allow to:

  • determine your Ayurvedic constitution and evaluate its potential imbalances

  • discuss your conception process and its difficulties

  • discuss in detail the reason for the consultation



The consultation will be conducted according to a detailed protocol that includes observation, touch and questions. You will be asked about your conception journey but also about your lifestyle, the status of your digestion and elimination (stool, urine, sweat), your diet, your sleep, your mental and emotional balance, your medical history, etc... The examination of your pulse, your tongue, your skin, your eyes, your nails will allow us to obtain additional elements.


The goal is to obtain as much information as possible in order to find the cause of the problems at the origin of the symptoms on which you wish to concentrate.


In the second part of the session, a therapeutic plan, which will be like you - unique - and specific to your individual problem, will be established in order to rectify the identified imbalances by acting on their sources by means of different therapeutic tools such as:


  • diet

  • healthy lifestyle rules (rhythm, schedule, activities)

  • body care and massages

  • the use of spices and food supplements

  • physical exercises

  • mental and emotional control exercises (breathing or pranayama, relaxation, meditation, visualization, yoga postures)



In order for you to implement your therapeutic plan, the idea is to offer you advice and recommendations:


  • easily reconcilable and achievable on a daily basis, and in line with your life schedule

  • progressive so that they can be integrated and assimilated little by little, and so that you can feel their effects (and benefits!) and observe the changes

  • in accordance with your values and beliefs 



My objective will be to help you better understand your daily functioning and metabolism, by developing an awareness of what suits you (and contributes to the maintenance of your health) and what does not suit you (and contributes to your imbalance). Because whatever the imbalance that affects you, you can develop the resources within you to restore your natural balance. 



The ayurvedic consultation does not replace a medical consultation and does not replace a medical or paramedical treatment.

2h00 approx. 160 CHF







2h00 (with sudation)​ │160 CHF

This massage is a treasure for your fertility. It includes a soft and enveloping massage of the whole body, with an ayurvedic oil carefully selected for its beneficial action, combined with a gentle stimulation of the Marmas points (energetic points) involved in fertility, an abdominal fascia-work in order to promote a good blood circulation and untie tensions in the abdomen & pelvis (abdominal mayan massage approach) and a "closing of the pelvic bones" with the rebozo for its energetic action.

This deeply relaxing massage also includes stimulation of the foot reflex zones related to fertility, a full foot massage with the Kansu bowl to rebalance energies, and a head massage with the rebozo for a total letting-go experience. 

A herbal sweat will finish this massage to drain toxins and bring a soothing warmth to the body. 


  • Strengthens the hormonal system

  • Promotes sleep and reduces stress

  • Nourishes, hydrates and softens all tissues (including sexual tissues)

  • Drains toxins

  • Relaxes the body and relieves fatigue

  • Dissipates tension, pain and inflammation

  • Nourishes the nervous system, soothes emotions and promotes grounding

This massage is recommended on a regular basis throughout your conception journey and should only be performed between the end of your period and your ovulation. This massage is not possible if you are wearing an intrauterine device.

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