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Pregnancy Care & Childbirth

Pregnancy is a remarkable and transformative chapter in a woman's life—a time filled with anticipation, wonder, and immense growth.

Your body is embarking on a sacred journey, nurturing and nourishing the precious life growing within. It is crucial to recognize the significance of self-care and embracing moments of deep nourishment and rejuvenation during this extraordinary phase.


I believe that self-care is not a luxury but an essential part of your journey.

By prioritizing your well-being, you are fostering a harmonious connection between your body, mind, and spirit. And when a mother thrives, the baby in her womb thrives too. 

Embrace this time with equanimity, grace, and a sense of profound self-love.

Allow yourself to savor moments of stillness, celebrate the miracle within, and honor the incredible transformations happening both within and around you.


I am here to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and nurturing care you need to embrace the fullness of this magical time and prepare for the arrival of your precious little one with confidence, vitality, and joy.


Prenatal Ayurvedic Massage

140 CHF - 1h30

The prenatal ayurvedic massage (abhyanga) is a wholehearted and envelopping massage of the whole with a warm ayurvedic oil. Generous and nourishing, it has has a thousand virtues for the pregnant woman. •Nourishes, moisturizes and softens all your tissues •Strengthens your body •Lubricates your joints and drains toxins •Relaxes your body and relieves fatigue •Dissipates tension, pain and inflammation •Promotes sleep and reduces stress •Nourishes the nervous system, soothes the emotions and promotes grounding •It is ideal for anxious mothers-to-be or mums-to-be wih tender areas. The massage is subtly enhanced by the pressure of the vital points (Marmani) beneficial to your pregnancy and to your well-being, and ends with a foot massage with the Kansu bowl and ghee. It is just divine to let go. Abhyanga is ideally recommended during your entire pregnancy, from your second trimester onwards.


Spinning Babies for Breech/Transverse

140 CHF - 1h30 approx.

Your baby is not head down yet and you want to give your baby the best possible position for a vaginal delivery? If acupuncture or versioning didn't work or doesn't appeal you, try the unique approach of Spinning Babies. The results are just magical :)  ​ The proposed techniques are designed to improve body mechanics, rebalance and realign the body, especially the pelvis. The idea is to make room for your baby inside you, bringing flexibility, balance and mobility to your tissues and structures. This will optimize baby's positioning and may allow him to position more optimally.  I will share with you a protocol that includes Spinning Babies techniques to help baby position better in order to rotate. The techniques will be adapted to any medical conditions you may have.  They are also non-invasive and allow you to be an active participant in your baby's better positioning, with the help and support of your partner, if he/she wishes. You will receive all the information you need to do these techniques at home with confidence.


Holistic childbirth preparation

150 CHF - 1h30

The childbirth journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience, and I believe that thorough childbirth preparation goes beyond the physical aspects. With my comprehensive approach, I delve into the emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions, recognizing the interconnectedness of your entire being. Drawing from my expertise in Spinning Babies techniques for a "physiology before force" approach, doula wisdom, ayurvedic traditional medicine, De Gasquet techniques for physiological birthing, and the infinite benefits of prenatal/postnatal yoga, I offer a well-rounded and holistic approach to your birth journey. From optimizing fetal positioning to nurturing and healing self-care practices, we will navigate this transformative time with grace, wisdom, and balance. To provide you with comprehensive and integrated support, I offer thoughtfully curated holistic sessions tailored to tackle the essentials of childbirth preparation. These sessions are designed to empower and nurture your confidence and peace of mind as you embark on this beautiful journey with your baby. - Ayurvedic Prenatal Nutrition - Birth plan preparation - Childbirth Masterclass (2 sessions) - Bild your Nest (support system prep) - Pelvic floor protection - Breast & Rest Retreat (breastfeeding prep) - Postpartum - What to expect? - A la Carte (customized sessions)


Private Prenatal Yoga

125 CHF - 1h15

Treat yourself to a relaxing time to nurture, nourish and enjoy your pregnancy. Private Prenatal Yoga classes combine Hatha Yoga, the De Gasquet Method and Spinning Babies' Daily Essentials to offer you tools and postures adapted to your pregnancy, and to your physical and emotional needs.  No previous experience in yoga is required. Come as you are, with only the desire to feel good about yourself and your pregnancy.  ​ Private sessions are personalized for your pregnancy and are tailored to your trimester, your energy, any medical conditions (pregnancy related or not) you may have, as well as your desires and goals (relaxation, connection with baby, safe continuation of your yoga routine ...).  

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Spinning Babies Parents Class 

170 CHF - 2h00 approx.

This prenatal workshop is designed to bring birth back into in the hands of the future-parents. It offers the opportunity for parents-to-be to experience pregnancy more deeply and to prepare for the birth together. It offers simple but effective exercises to bring comfort in pregnancy and ease in labor, in order to equip you to be actors - and not spectators - of the birth of your baby throughout the whole labor. ​ Practice of SB' Daily Essentials Pelvic rebalancing techniques working on the fascia and ligaments of the pelvis Tips for better positioning of the baby during pregnancy and delivery Techniques to support baby's pelvic rotation Practical tips for the father/partner ​ All the activities proposed are designed to improve your body mechanics, to rebalance and realign it, especially in the pelvis. The idea is to make room for your baby inside of you, bringing flexibility, balance and mobility to your tissues and structures. This will optimize baby's positioning, and facilitate his rotation in the pelvis when he decides to come into the world. 

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