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The postpartum period is a delicate time when it is so important to nurture and rejuvenate yourself. The body has made such a magical and intense effort to give birth to your baby, and it continues to do so if you are breastfeeding. The life of a young mother can be intense and hectic, the short nights, social pressure and the very beginnings of motherhood  can be destabilizing. It is essential to live this period with equanimity and peace of mind, it is essential to nurture yourself, even a little bit. If Mom is fine, baby is fine too :) Don't forget yourself, and indulge in a little be of self-care. A few minutes in full consciousness will be regenerating to your body and your mind. Ayurveda and Yoga are wonderful to support you in your self-care journey, with a short (but easy to adopt) ayurvedic routine, a calming and restorative yoga sequence, a nourishing diet, a rejuvenative massage, etc ... 

Postnatal Ayurveda will promote your optimal recovery, avoid complications after childbirth, restore your health to pre-pregnancy levels, promote breastfeeding, prevent postnatal depression, restore your digestive system and regenerate your body after childbirth.



Ayurveda has devoted many pages to the health and well-being of young mothers, recommending daily gestures and a diet adapted to this wonderful & delicate period of life, and which will allow:


  • Promote the good recovery of the mother

  • Avoid complications during the post-partum period

  • Restore the mother's health to its pre-pregnancy level

  • Promote good breastfeeding and optimal milk quality

  • Avoid maternal exhaustion and prevent postnatal depression

  • Restore the digestive system

The first part of the Ayurvedic consultation will:

  • transmit the postnatal ayurvedic principles

  • address any discomforts and problems of your pregnancy (edema, loss of appetite, bloating, stress, pain, etc. ...)

  • analyze your current diet and daily routine and determine options that may be more suitable for you


In the second part of the session, a personalized postnatal therapeutic plan adapted to your postpartum will be developed. It will include great recommendations in terms of:

  • diet

  • lifestyle rules (rhythm, schedule, activities)

  • body care and massages

  • use of spices and food supplements

  • physical exercises

  • mental and emotional control exercises (breathing or pranayama, relaxation, meditation, visualization, yoga postures)

The idea is to provide you with advice and recommendations that are:

  • easily reconcilable and achievable on a daily basis, and not stressful for your rhythms of life

  • progressive so that they can be integrated and assimilated little by little, and so that you can feel their effects (and benefits!) and observe the changes

  • in accordance with your values and beliefs 

This session can be done online without any worries (to be specified at the time of your reservation)

2h00 - 2h15 │160 CHF





An enveloping and complete massage of the body, with a warm oil with fortifying and relaxing virtues. Abhyanga is practiced as early as ten days after childbirth. Its benefits are so valuable that, traditionally in India, it is recommended daily for at least 45 days... 

Generous and nourishing, it promotes recovery. It moisturizes and softens all tissues, strengthens the body and drains toxins. It relieves tensions, relieves fatigue and pain and soothes the mind. It is ideal for all young mothers, especially those who are in pain and who need and want to be taken care of. 

This authentic and timeless massage is enhanced by the pressure of Marmas points beneficial to your postpartum and a foot massage with the Kansu bowl with ghee. A traditional sudation with calming herbs will complete the benefits of the massage, and will be followed with a closing of the pelvic bones with the rebozo.

2h00 (with sudation) │ ​160 CHF





"Maha" means "Great" in Sanskrit. A great treatment to honor the Woman within us. In a setting inviting to escape, the Maha is the unique alliance of the benefits of Ayurveda originating from India and the South American Cerrada. Filled with gentleness, kindness and serenity, it is above all a feminine treatment: a sharing from woman to woman.

 Traditionally, Abhyanga and Cerrada are part of the postnatal care intended to honor and regenerate the woman who has just given birth. Allowing the young mother to find herself, to refocus, to realign and to regenerate her feminine energy, they also symbolize a ritual of passage towards a very personal intention.

 The Maha is ideal for all young mothers who feel the need to resource themselves, to ritualize certain phases of their maternity (stopping breastfeeding, going back to work, ...) or to soothe pain.... The Maha lends itself to all intentions, as long as they come from the heart.

Thus, the Maha is for all women who are living or preparing an important stage in their life, to accompany change and transformation (first baby trials, professional reconversion, divorce, menopause, liberation from experience, ...)

The Maha takes place in 4 steps:

The intention (the sankalpa)

An intention is a deep desire of the heart. It is a real thread that aligns all future decisions and actions towards the realization of your wish. Setting your intention for this treatment is like planting a small fertile seed in your inner garden.

 Understanding your intention will allow me to accompany you as closely as possible to your needs, to surround you while leaving you enough space to meet you and to accompany you in what you have to go through.


Postnatal Abhyanga

A gentle and complete body massage, with a warm oil with fortifying and relaxing virtues. Generous and nourishing, it promotes recovery. It moisturizes and softens all tissues, strengthens the body and drains toxins. It releases tension, relieves fatigue and pain and soothes the mind.

This authentic and timeless massage is enhanced by the pressure of Marmas points beneficial to your postpartum and the foot massage with the Kansu bowl with ghee.

Herbal Sweat

A full body (except the head) herbal sweat in a traditional wooden box. After an Ayurvedic massage, a traditional sweat will complete the benefits of the massage. It helps to promote physical recovery after childbirth, detoxify the body by liquefying toxins that will be eliminated by sweating, reduce pain and fatigue, cleanse the digestive system, increase strength and mobility of the body and reduce body rigidity.


The Rebozo Ritual

The Rebozo will be used to cradle certain parts of the body (head, shoulders, pelvis...), to continue the calming, depositing, regenerating effect of the massage. Movement is Life! Giving back movement is to offer the possibility of reconnecting to one's own life and energy. Lulling is conducive to letting go, to disconnection. They promote mental calm, refocusing, the present moment, soothing, reconnection with the body, emotional release and release tension.

The rocking will be followed by a series of squeezes, which will contribute to the recovery in postpartum but also accompany what must be left behind or transcended in order to find a deep feeling of physical, emotional and energetic unity.

2h45 ​│250 CHF



Private postpartum coaching offers you the opportunity to take care of yourself during the delicate postpartum period, at your convenience and in privacy. Private sessions are customized for your postpartum, and are adapted to your postpartum, energy, and any medical conditions (pregnancy related, postpartum-related or not) you may have, as well as your desires and goals (abdominal skills, wellness, general strengthening, etc...)

The private postnatal sessions are essentially based on the amazing work of Dr. De Gasquet and are designed to provide new mothers with postures that are very easy to implement in their daily lives... as soon as they give birth.

Indeed according to Bernadette De Gasquet, in the body of any new Mum, "everything, or almost, is played before 6 weeks", because the recovery of the pelvic and abdominal structures will be optimal during the 6 weeks after birth. So don't wait, make the most of the weeks following childbirth to recover well!

In this perspective, and in addition to the specificities that you will want to add, the objective of the private postnatal sessions will be mainly to learn to: 

  • adopt an optimal posture in daily activities in order to fight against heaviness and repetitive abdominal pressure

  • work the right abdominal muscles - the transverses and the obliques, thanks to exercises that tighten the ribs, bring the rectus abdominis closer together without stretching them, lift the organs, drain the tissues, put the organs back in place to prevent organ descent and contribute to a flat stomach.

  • eliminate the discomforts of the aftermath of childbirth, such as tension in the back, heaviness in the lower abdomen, water retention, fatigue, etc... 

  • recharge emotionally thanks to relaxation postures and breathing work that calms the mind. 

It is therefore a postural-abdominal rehabilitation, coupled with postures and breathing techniques of Hatha Yoga. These sessions are essentially dedicated to the well-being and recovery of the young mother. The sessions are accessible as soon as you feel ready to go out with Baby, and Baby is welcome at each session.

75 min ​│ 120 CHF 

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