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Breech & Transverse protocol


Is your baby not yet in an optimal position for a vaginal birth, and you want to give them the chance to position themselves more effectively?


If acupuncture or version has not worked or does not appeal to you, and you are looking for a natural, non-invasive, and effective technique to help your baby position better, I recommend a protocol based on the biomechanical approaches of Spinning Babies, Body Ready Method, and Yoga.

The Techniques

The proposed techniques are designed to improve body mechanics, rebalance, and realign the body, particularly the pelvis. The idea is to create space for your baby inside you by bringing flexibility, balance, and mobility to your tissues and structures. This will optimize your baby’s position and may allow them to position themselves more effectively.

The Protocol

I will share a protocol with you that includes a series of techniques and exercises to help your baby position better. The techniques will be adapted to any medical conditions you may have and personalized according to your body type. They are also non-invasive and allow you to be an active participant in improving your baby's position, with the help and support of your partner if desired.


You will receive all the information you need to safely perform these techniques at home. You will also receive a guided meditation and an acupressure points chart. 

1h30 approx ​ │ 140 CHF

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