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Doula support
I am here to empower you

Are you looking for a Doula who will wholeheartedly support you on your unique journey to motherhood? Do you desire a compassionate and empowering presence by your side during this transformative side? Are you ready to embrace the inner power of your body and spirit, as you navigate the sacred path of birth and parenthood? If these questions resonate with you, I would be honored to support you. Together, we can explore your hopes, dreams, limits, fears, and expectations, ensuring that our connection aligns with your vision for this extraordinary journey.

Birth Preparation

I offer comprehensive and holistic childbirth preparation to equip you physically, emotionally, and mentally for birth while honoring your individuality. Drawing from both modern approaches and ancestral wisdom such as the De Gasquet method, Spinning Babies, Body Ready Method, KG hypnobirthing, or naturopathy, I provide you with a rich toolbox of knowledge and practical skills to transcend your pregnancy and childbirth with transformation, confidence, surrender, and serenity. (Refer to the dedicated prenatal classes page to learn more)

Physical and Emotional Support

During this sacred period, I offer unconditional emotional and physical support. As a doula, I provide you with a compassionate presence, allowing space for your emotions and offering personalized comfort measures. Together, we create a safe and soothing environment where you can fully experience your baby's birth calmly and actively.

Guiding Towards a Positive Experience

Regardless of how your childbirth unfolds, my goal is to help you have a positive and empowering experience. Drawing from my experience in supporting families, I bring a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to guide you through the birth journey. In addition to providing tools for emotional work during pregnancy, I ensure that your birth journey is filled with autonomy, confidence, and resilience.

Partner Involvement

Your birth experience is a shared journey, and I am committed to supporting both you and your partner. I encourage active participation, ensuring that your partner feels informed, involved, and empowered throughout the process. Together, we cultivate a harmonious dynamic.

Ongoing Personalized Support

From our first meeting to well after the arrival of your child, I provide continuous and personalized support. Your visions, needs, and concerns shape our partnership, and I tailor my guidance to your individual needs. Together, we establish support, guidance, and reinforcement, ensuring that your journey to motherhood is infused with confidence, reconnection, strength, and serenity.

Together, we create a birth experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.



Package 1
Pre & Post-natal care

1 first Doula Meet-up

3 prenatal sessions (2h00 approx)

1 postnatal session (1h30) 

Unlimited labor support

Email, phone, whatsapp support until 1 month after birth

 1'400 CHF


Package 2
Pre & Post-natal care

1 first Doula Meet-up

5 prenatal sessions (2h00 approx) 

2 postnatal sessions (1h30 each) 

Unlimited labor support

Email, phone, whatsapp support until 1 month after birth

1'900 CHF

Are you interested?
I invite you to schedule a complimentary first Doula Meet-up

I invite you to schedule your complementary Doula Meet-up. This initial session is an opportunity for us to connect, get to know us and determine if we are the rigth fit for your motherhood journey. I deeply believe it is important to choose a doula who resonates with your values and goals, ensuring a personalized and supportive care throughout your perinatal journey. 

During this session, we will explore your needs, wishes and dreams, and discuss how I can support you during this transformative journey. Each doula-client relationship is unique, and I will take the time to tailor my approach to your preferences. The Doula Meet-up will take place at my warm and inviting office, providing a comfortable space for our conversation. 

Let's embark on this journey together and discover the transformative power of dedicated support!

45 min approx ​ │ Complementary

Do you want to know more about Doulas?



In literature, doulas have transcended time and borders, existing in diverse cultures worldwide. Whether referred to as doula, 'femme qui aide,' godsib, or by other names, their purpose remains the same: caring for women. Doula is a timeless profession because throughout history, women have never given birth alone but surrounded by other women. Generations ago, pregnant women were embraced by a close circle of support: mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts. Female figures abounded, providing a wealth of knowledge and reassurance. Today, the role of the doula continues this legacy for pregnant women. A doula is a professionally trained woman with expertise in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. With in-depth knowledge of pain management, childbirth physiology, breastfeeding, and more, she holds a deep desire to serve other women using the invaluable teachings she has acquired. Before, during, and after birth, a doula serves as a vital resource for expectant and new parents, offering non-medical support through practical, physical, informative, and emotional assistance. This support can extend throughout the entire perinatal period, covering prenatal, birth, and postnatal phases, or it can focus solely on prenatal or postnatal care. By offering support for several months after birth, doulas provide parents with the stability of their commitment and the appropriate support for each stage of parenthood. A doula becomes a trusted confidante, a common thread that weaves through the journey of pregnancy, not only for the mother but also for the couple. She offers solace, reliability, and a sense of security. With unwavering conviction, doulas believe that (future) parents are the ones best equipped to know what is best for themselves and their child. They support parents on their unique journey and guide them in finding their truth. This approach allows new parents to approach the arrival of their baby with increased calm, empathy, and serenity, fostering an easier transition into parenthood filled with confidence and ease. It's important to note that doulas do not provide medical care or diagnoses, nor do they replace appropriate medical professionals. Doulas work in collaboration with various healthcare providers, particularly midwives, respecting each other's expertise. Their support is complementary to the care provided by midwives and doctors, creating a bridge between all medical and social stakeholders. Every doula practices according to her individual sensitivity, status, and boundaries. There is no singular model of a doula, but rather a collective of committed women, each offering their unique contributions, working together to foster respect, trust, and self-empowerment for the individuals they support.


- Emotional and physical support: A doula provides continuous emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. They offer a reassuring presence, comfort measures, and guidance to help you navigate the intense emotions and physical sensations associated with childbirth. - Advocacy and empowerment: Doulas are your advocates, ensuring that your voice is heard and your choices are respected. They empower you to make informed decisions about your birth plan, providing evidence-based information and helping you navigate the healthcare system. - Continuous care and personalized attention: Doulas offer continuous support, staying with you throughout labor and birth, regardless of its duration. They provide personalized attention, tailored to your individual needs and preferences, creating a sense of continuity and trust. - Reduced interventions and improved birth outcomes: Research has shown that having a doula present during childbirth can lead to a reduction in interventions such as cesarean sections, epidurals, and the use of forceps or vacuum extraction. Doulas can help you cope with pain naturally, offer comfort measures, and support optimal positioning for labor progress. - Improved communication and partner involvement: Doulas also facilitate communication between you, your partner, and the medical team, fostering a collaborative and positive birthing environment. They support partners in their role, providing guidance, reassurance, and suggestions for comfort measures. - Postpartum support and transition: Doulas extend their support into the postpartum period, helping you navigate the early days of parenting, breastfeeding, and recovery. They provide emotional support, practical assistance, and evidence-based information to facilitate a smoother transition into parenthood. - Emotional well-being and reduced postpartum depression: The emotional support provided by doulas can contribute to improved emotional well-being, reducing the risk of postpartum depression and promoting a positive start to the postpartum journey.

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