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Postnatal yoga offers you the opportunity to take care of yourself during the delicate postpartum period while having your baby close by. The sessions will take into account your postpartum recovery, your energy levels, and any medical conditions you may have.

They are primarily based on the wonderful work of Dr. De Gasquet and are designed to provide new mothers with postures that are very easy to integrate into their daily lives... as soon as they give birth.

In fact, according to Dr. De Gasquet, "everything, or almost everything, is determined before 6 weeks." So don't wait, make the most of the first few weeks after childbirth to recover well!

The aim of postnatal sessions is to learn:

  • Adopting an optimal posture in everyday movements to counteract the effects of gravity and abdominal pressure.

  • Working on the correct abdominal muscles - the transverse and obliques - through exercises that tighten the ribs, bring the rectus abdominis closer together without stretching them, lift the organs, drain tissues, put organs back in place to prevent organ prolapse, and help regain a flat stomach.

  • Recognizing how to exert effort safely.

  • Eliminating postpartum discomforts such as back tension, heaviness in the lower abdomen, water retention, fatigue, etc...

  • Recharging emotionally through relaxation postures and breathing exercises that soothe the mind.

It is therefore a postural-abdominal rehabilitation, combined with postures and breathing techniques from Hatha Yoga and the Body Ready Method.

These sessions are primarily dedicated to the well-being and recovery of the new mother. ​Postnatal yoga classes are now only organized as private or semi-private classes (2 moms and their babies).  No yoga experience is required. You are welcome to come as you are, with or without your baby. 

Private / Duo classes

110 CHF / 1h00



>> Seize the opportunity of your postpartum period for effective recovery

>> Regenerate your body after childbirth

>> Gently tone your body back into shape

>> Alleviate discomforts from postpartum and breastfeeding

>> Learn to protect and strengthen your pelvic floor

>> Revitalize your mind

>> Learn to manage your emotions through breath control

>> Safely transition back into your life as a woman


My yoga courses in cycles are specially designed to equip you from the beginning of your postpartum period.

What are the benefits of joining a class regularly? 

>> Commitment and Continuity: Joining weekly classes offers a sense of commitment and investment in your well-being, allowing you to maintain a regular practice throughout your postpartum journey. This continuity promotes lasting benefits for you and your baby.

>> Building Strong Bonds: You will have the opportunity to build bonds with other mothers who share your experiences and challenges. Together, you will form a supportive community, creating a warm and nurturing space to explore your motherhood.

>> Sharing and Connection: Our classes create an environment conducive to sharing, sisterhood, and connection. You can exchange advice, anecdotes, and encouragement with other women experiencing similar transformations as you.

>> Tailored Personalization: By following a class regularly, you will have the opportunity to better understand yourself and allow me to further tailor each session to your needs and guide you with customized practices.

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