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I am Alexia, a Naturopath in Ayurvedic Medicine, a Complementary Therapist in Ayurveda Therapy with a Federal Diploma, a Doula, a Yoga Teacher, trained in the De Gasquet method, a Spinning Babies Parent Educator, and a BRM Pro.


With boundless passion for women's health and perinatal care, I am here to guide you in embracing the art of nurturing life, giving life, and nourishing life.

Whether you wish to honor your pregnancy, receive guidance to prepare for a physiological birth or VBAC, regulate your menstrual cycles, invest in your postpartum recovery, or navigate menopause with ease, A la Vie is committed to supporting you naturally, personally, and sincerely.

I invite you to explore the methods I work with, tailored to meet each individual's needs: Ayurvedic Medicine, Doula support, Pre/postnatal yoga, De Gasquet posturo-abdominal rehabilitation, Spinning Babies, Body Ready Method, KG Hypnobirthing, and a plethora of other beneficial practices.

I am thrilled to accompany you through the beautiful stages of womanhood—pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding, menstrual cycles, family planning, menopause—and on your journey towards optimal health.

Alexia Gaussin

Doula services

Alexia is a one kind of a gem that when you meet, you know it will be a special journey. Her peaceful, kind and resonating-self welcome you to her beautiful space where she takes care of your every need. Her anatomy knowledge, trainings, certifications and years of experience make her someone extremely reliable and an infinite source of great advice. I am so very happy I have taken her in with our pregnancy journey and to anyone looking for a doula, pre or postnatal support, ayurvedic care, massage, yoga ... do not look further and book a session with her right away.


Merci de vous être abonné-e !


Route de Mollie-Margot 1, 1073 Savigny  |  076.463.05.13

Je vous remercie pour votre envoi. Je vous répondrai sous 48h00.

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